The European Union’s EU4Business Initiative ultimately serves SMEs as the beneficiaries of EU support in the Eastern Partnership countries — Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.
Access to Finance Support
  • concessionary loans via national banks
  • micro financing for household businesses
  • mall grants to SMEs
  • training staff at national banks to better serve SMEs 
  • training to SMEs in financial literacy
Business Development Services support
  • providing direct advice and training to SMEs
  • training and capacity-building among national BSOs establishing business incubators for start-ups
  • developing business clusters for mutual support and development 
  • supporting governments in identifying new markets 
  • building capacities at export support organisations
Business Enabling Environment support
  • promoting regulatory reform and best practice 
  • building capacity amongst policy makers and regulators 
  • encouraging public-private dialogue 
  • informing business about reform processes and rules/procedures
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