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EU4Business has published the Citizens’ Summary 2022 for Moldova with the overview of major results of the past year.

In 2021, 6,206 SMEs were supported through the EU4Business Initiative in Moldova, generating an extra €86.9 million in income and 8,350 new jobs, growing their turnover by 13.4%, and increasing their exports by 10.25% as a result.

See the detailed results in the brochure.

Latest news
On 31 January, the ODA Business Information and Consulting Centre for Entrepreneurs opened in Bălți thanks to the financial support of the European Union and Germany.
Under the European Union-funded EU4Environment Action, the event aims to promote resilience and sustainable growth within Moldovan enterprises, highlighting success stories of implementing circular economy (CE) principles, with a specific focus on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP).
More than 35 Moldovan entrepreneurs and about 100 employees were trained in entrepreneurship, and more than 30 young people took part in training and entrepreneurship development activities at the Business Consulting Centre in Cărpineni, recently established with the support of the European Union.

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