Moldova’s Litterarum Lyceum invests in young generation

Moldova’s Litterarum Lyceum invests in young generation

The Litterarum Lyceum is one of the most respected educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova. Its students’ results place the lyceum #1 in the country. With a pass rate of 100%, most of Litterarum’s high school graduates are well prepared to go on to study at some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

“Our Lyceum is the only institution that has no failures in passing baccalaureate exams,” says Litterarum founder Gheorghe Avornic. “Most of children are outstanding. The only problem is that so many go to study abroad and receive their degrees in the most famous universities in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, and Great Britain. It’s very gratifying, but we need top-notch students here at home, too.”

The average test score of Litterarum students who took the National Baccalaureate Exam in the 2019-2020 school year, confirms Avornic’s statement: results for Romanian averaged 8.62, mathematics 8.12, history 8.77, and English 9.44.

Gheorghe Avornic says the idea of laying the foundations of an educational institution has a special meaning for his family. “Setting up a lyceum has been a cherished dream of mine that I wanted to do in memory of my mother, who was a professor emeritus,” recalls Avornic. “Of course, I wanted to offer my children a good education.”

Individual approach, diverse curriculum and arts designed to involve students

The Litterarum Lyceum places great emphasis on the quality of the learning process. For this reason, the classes are organized into small numbers of students, English is studied from the second grade on, and a second foreign language is optional. Students can opt for French or German. Kids attending the Lyceum can also engage in extracurricular activities, such as swimming, chess, dancing and more.

“We been accredited as #1 in the country,” says Avornic with understandable pride. “We are the first educational institution accredited for all grades: primary, middle and high school. Our Lyceum has 400-500 pupils today, yet the groups are small, 15-20 kids each. It’s not your typical lyceum, where classes can be as large as 40-50. The small size allows teachers to give children individual attention and keep them engaged in class.”

Students at the Litterarum Lyceum have outstanding results and earn international awards, participating in Olympiads in English, geography and computer science, as well as competitions that reflect personal development, such as oratory, artistry, and responsibility for the environment. At the same time, the Lyceum’s administration pays increased attention to cultural events: competitions, concerts and holidays, which are good opportunities for “litterari” to show their skills and creative spirit.

A modern learning environment to ensure comfort and well-being

Along with the emphasis on high-level classes, the Lyceum administration invests time and resources in providing modern learning conditions. For a renovation they undertook, the Lyceum benefited from a loan with grant elements from an EBRD-EU4Business credit line through Victoriabank that awarded it a 15% cashback.

“This financial opportunity let us rehabilitate the first building, taking down the old soviet roof and adding another storey, shaped like an attic,” notes Avornic. “The building walls were thermally insulated, we changed all the windows and we restored all the networks. As a result, we now have a modern study block, and the children enjoy better conditions.”

Energy efficiency, conscious consumption for present and future generations

The Litterarum Lyceum is a work in progress. This year, its founders plan to install solar panels to produce electricity or heat through their own mini power plant.

“We were delighted to learn about opportunities to be more energy efficient through EU-funded programs and we intend to apply to them to modernize the rest of the study blocks and, most importantly to install solar panels,” says Avornic about the Litterarum Lyceum’s next plans.

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