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A pig farm could have a higher income if the swine are in a good mood was the idea of a young man living in Speia, a town on the Nistru river due east of Moldova's capital, Chisinau.
Most local lavender growers have brought in their harvest, except of some fields in the north of the country, where rain is causing a delay. Farmers with young plantations harvested up to 30% fewer flowers than in 2019, and those with plants over 10 years old saw their crop down 50% compared to last year’s harvest.
Coming from Sipka, a village on the left bank of Dniester River, Natalia Porhun came back from a trip to Italy impressed by the descendants of a family that has owned its own business for several generations.
With OECD support provided under the EU4Business initiative, Moldovan food producers will increase their capacity to work with international supermarket chains and access global markets.
Ponti is a well-known Moldovan manufacturer of textile products that has been able to put together a successful marketing strategy with support provided by the EBRD and the EU4Business Initiative.

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