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EU4Business helps Moldovan farmers go high-tech with modern agricultural drones. The information technology revolution is now feeding back into humankind’s oldest revolution, the agricultural revolution, with high-tech solutions to age-old farming problems now finding their ways to fields across the planet.
With help from the European Union, Maria Minciuna has set up a rural jam-making business that tourists love. Acacia, elderflower, rose hip and pepper jams – these are some of the products that are making a name for newly minted entrepreneur Maria Minciuna from the village of Slobozia Mare in Cahul District in Moldova.
How it feels like pursuing a childhood dream can only be understood by the ones who experienced it. This is the case of Victoria Cucos, who turned her passion for designing and sewing clothes for dolls into something more.
“Organic fertilizers are a lifesaver for degraded and chemically polluted soils, as they remediate and restore the humus layer, increase resistance to draught, improve the quality of harvest, stimulate the plants’ growth and development,” explains Nicolae Alcaz, who has been producing organic fertilizers in Ungheni, for almost ten years.
The up-and-coming generation of young entrepreneurs in Moldova will be the ones to build the country’s future economy, so it makes sense to invest in them now to ensure that future economy is both sustainable and inclusive.

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