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Getting the finance to start or develop any small or medium-sized enterprise can be tough at the best of times. In Moldova, it can be especially hard. But are things changing?
Constantin Andriuţă from the village of Şeptelici near Soroca has always been successful in agricultural business. Since graduating in agribusiness in 1996, his business has grown and he has succeeded in diversifying his crops, with a particular focus on horticulture.
The nutritional and medicinal value of sea buckthorn – a flowering shrub that produces compact orange fruit – has been known in Europe for generations. Yet despite its growing reputation as a “super fruit”, particularly beneficial for treating skin disorde...
Although the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) sector is promising in the Republic of Moldova, the lack of investment is making it uncompetitive, and this means the economic growth that could be generated by the private sector is yet to materialise. Interest rates on commer...
Whether in restaurants, our kitchens and bathrooms or large-scale businesses, tiles are everywhere in our daily lives. Chinese producers have discovered this opportunity and taken a significant market share in recent years. But European consumers have other options closer to home...

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